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Cold Cured Moulded Foam Production & VISCO Memory 

Advantages of Molded Foam

  • No process of cutting foam from blocks
  • No gluing process
  • No waste
  • Better product quality
  • Increases in production efficiency
  • 100% repeatability of products
  • The hardness is individually adjusted

For Whom

  • In the Furniture Industry
  • Automotive
  • Railway
  • Sports
  • Toy
  • For animals

What Do We Produce?

Seats and backrests for furniture and cars

  • Whole Seats - "buckets" , Sofa Cushions

  • Mattresses / Lairs for animals

  • Motorcycle seats, Car Seats

  • Mattresses for prams, pillows

  • Children's mattresses and much more...

We Produce Also Metal Components

+ Sewing and Upholstery


The apparently higher costs of poured / molded foam are misconstrued from the perspective of the company as a whole.

Cheap cut foam requires many processes from administration, to gluing, cutting, disposal of waste related to the adhesive or the foam itself. Also, the storage space itself is not infinite and free. And instead of a few positions throughout the production process, there is one final finish. Not counting the production efficiency increase by hundreds of percent.

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Cold Cured Moulded Foam Production & VISCO Memory

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